Be Heeled


A relaxing foot detox can: restore energy, remove toxins, relieve pain, reduce inflammation,help you feel lighter and better.

The energy you feel when walking along the beach barefooted in the water, or from a hot springs...receive that while relaxing for 15 to 45 minutes enjoying a cellular foot detox. Experience the benefits of having toxins and impurities removed from the body through the 2,000 pores on your feet. May help reduce swelling, inflammation, removal of cellular debris, chronic fatigue, allergy relief, clear skin, boost immune system, improve sleep mood, remove yeast, energize the whole body and have positive effect on weight loss. Safe for children 6 years and up. It's time to Be Heeled.


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Tour Dates

  • December 16-17 Hampton Va.

  • January 6-7 Columbus, Oh.

  • January 20-21 Chicago, Il.

BE HEELED Cellular Detox Specialist Training Feb. 24,25- Columbia SC

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Phone: 919-283-2798

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"I GOT HEELED" T-SHIRT    $18 Plus Shipping and Handling


$18 Plus Shipping and Handling