Don't just take my word for it

I have been a customer of the #SoCynetha brand for many years. I have truly been Blessed to discover how to trust myself and focus on being the best me that I can be. I’ve learned to make healthier, and cost effective food choices. I can cook, but I’ll leave swishing up healthy, tasty, vegan meals to Cynetha. I’ve much appreciated utilizing her Mobile Hair Salon services. After years of self neglect, I’ve rededicated my focus to Total Body Fitness! I’m exercising more, drinking more water, and concentrating on detoxing my body. I’ve taken advantage of her Foot Detox Bath, and Ear Candling services. Both, help to cleanse my body of daily toxins. Renewing my mind, body and spirit has been a long time coming. Cynetha often pushes me to be my very best! She regularly demands I trust myself to reach my destined outcome!
— Latonya Smith

Happy Clients


I could not believe what I saw in my detox. I have never felt so cleansed in my life.

— Philip Kitchen

Seeing is truly believing! I witnessed your transformation and now I am witnessing mine. You're truly an inspiration to everyone, not just women. You show a true dedication to health and making total life changes

— Essence s. smith

You have impacted my life by keeping me motivated when I listen. You have inspired me by motivating me to push forward and take care of my health. Being truthful, even if it hurts. You're willing to help if I help myself. Your cooking is out of this world and I pray God will release a restaurant or a health food store for you.

— Jackie Edwards